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We sell Borogu Kava,Vanuatu's main export more
"Lost Island" Kava, packed with history and Vanuatu's secret treasure and most potent is our specialty kava.
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Why is our kava better and why should you buy from us?

There are a few kava sellers out there, and we all claim our respective products are of superior quality. From a consumers perspective this could be rather confusing. It is up to others to substantiate their claims but here is why we believe our kava is a better quality product.

  1. We are proud of our kava products. We order direct from the farming communities in Vanuatu, the original domesticators of Kava.                                                                                                                                                                                          
  1. The consumable part of the kava plant is the basal organs and the lateral roots; the natural makeup which is 80% and 20% respectively. Our products are also milled accordingly which means we keep the natural composition of the plant. After all the basal organs (which make the dry kava chips) contain 10% of the kava lactones whilst the lateral roots contain 15%. If we were to separate them, as others do, you would end up with a massive amount of weak kava that only flowery words and the confusion between quality and value can sell.
  1. The basal organs are peeled before drying and milling. This information is very important to you as a consumer because the bark contains a poisonous alkaloid called Pipermethystine which is the plant’s natural defense against predators. It gives the beverage the very bitter taste and causes running red eyes.  The peeling of the basal organs of kava is a requirement of the Vanuatu kava law (the only one in the Pacific) that our suppliers have to meet before they can export. Obviously peeling kava would mean we get less milled kava than our competitors from the same amount of fresh kava. We don’t mind, we stand by our quality.
  1. We drink kava. We sell you what we like, and our instructions are how we make a kava brew. We welcome new people to try kava and give it a good go because we believe it is a better social brew, with wellness supporting properties, than what has always been available.
  1. We provide postage options within New Zealand and you may choose any that is not listed on our site and we can go from there. It is your money and your time so it is only fair that you decide how it gets to you.
  1. Our name is JustPacific Trading. Our prices reflect quality. That quality includes fairness to the real kava farmers and to you our valued customer.
  1. We believe in friendly service at all times. After all kava is a peaceful, unifying, chiefly beverage in Melanesia. This awareness and respect should translate from farmer to the consumer as there simply isn’t any other way to sell kava.


Whilst the supply side of Kava from Vanuatu has been severely reduced by Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015, resulting in the rapid increase in Kava prices, we are doing our part to maintain our prices at a reasonable rate for our valued customers. Your contributions through buying Kava at JustPacific Trading continues to support farmers in Vanuatu, recover, rebuilt, and of course, replant their kava stocks. Thank you all and we look forward to serving you  good quality Vanuatu kava for many more years to come!
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