Borogu Kava

Borogu Kava is Vanuatu's main export Variety. It is grown on Pentecost and Maewo islands, where they are most likely domesticated. According to scientists this kava, having some 32 total active ingredients, is most likely the first noble kava strain. This conclusion, coupled with historical kava trading evidence, cemented Vanuatu's status as the "home" of Kava. 
Our kava products, including Borogu, come from peeled and dried basal organs and dried lateral roots of the kava plant. Borogu has a signature taste, peppery but not bitter, and its potency is also a mark upon which other noble varieties are gauged. It is certainly full bodied, earthy fresh, and the taste Vanuatu kava drinkers are used to.
Pentecost island is good for kava. It has rich organic soils and many nourishing rivers. The kava plant would grow extremely well without much human intervention. With the EU ban on kava (now lifted 2008) there has been an abundance of kava on Pentecost. By buying our Borogu kava you are directly putting money into the pockets of those subsistence farmers in the rural communities of Pentecost. 

Borogu Kava and Pentecost 

Louis Antoine de Bouganville, a French admiral and explorer  "discovered" Raga Island on Pentecost Day, 22 May 1768, and named it Pentecost.  Pentecost native names include Raga, Araga and Vanua Roaroa. Borogu Kava thus has been rightfully branded "Pentecost Pride", or Raga Kava by various websites.