How to make an Instant Kava Brew

Preparing Kava from Instant Kava powder is simple, and gives you direct control on the strength of your brew.

I normally use 10g to make 300ml for good strong Kava and 400ml for moderate strength Kava. Simply add to the measured amount of water and stir.

Remember Kava lactones are insoluble in water so if you are going to leave a second shell sitting for a while be sure to stir before skulling. Instant Kava is deceiving. It does not have the strong smell or aftertaste of milled Kava, which could deceive the drinker to drink between shortened intervals. So if you are an expert on Kava, then go through the cycle as if you are drinking milled Kava. This means lower vocal volumes, dim lights, and snack.

After you have finished your session, have your meal. Enjoy!

How to make Kava from milled rootstock

Preparing Kava from milled rootstock is also easy. You will be delighted by how quickly and easily you will get the hang of making this up. This is a product that everyone from students, to city workers, farmers or athletes to holiday makers, will love having. All you have to do is follow the instructions and in no time at all you will be feeling really great as you down your fourth kava shell. Obviously for much stronger or weaker brew the amounts can be adjusted accordingly.

Our recommended mix is: 25g (5 tablespoons) to make 2/3 cup (220ml) of kava. (This will normally make two servings/shells). Measure the water accurately.

Directions: Put your measured milled Kava into your muslin strainer bag (we supply these too). Dip the bag contents into the cup of water. Kava lactones are insoluble in water so apply good pressure when kneading bag contents. You will notice the water turning brown and then creamy brown (like densely brown). Once satisfied (~5-10 minutes) that the lactones have been thoroughly stripped off the the rootstock, wring out the bag and discard used contents. Your brew is ready for consumption. Drink by skulling (no joke), slam it!!.

Snack throughout your session, as this will encourage lactone absorption. Adjust milled kava amount according to the desired volume - usually depends on the number of people, or how many shells you require.

Kava lactones are fat soluble so I find that adding a teaspoon of soy lecithin and whizzing in a blender before kneading does yield a more potent brew.

Need more info? Watch our fresh Kava Brewing Video on you tube here!

A little trick to make your kava go a little bit further. Put 50g of your kava powder into a sieve cloth and massage/knead in 500ml of water. Strip the lactones off of the milled rootstock until creamy brown (like densely brown). This will become your main kava course so leave in a separate bowl.

Now pour 250ml (half the original volume) into a separate bowl and continue massaging/kneading the milled rootstock in it until you are satisfied that most of the lactones have been ripped out. You will notice that there was quite a bit still in it. Now start your kava session with this brew, could make two servings, and you'd be snacking throughout the session.

Move on to your main 500ml, stirring before drinking, could make 4 servings and again snacking throughout. Have your meal after that.

Obviously dim your lights and lower vocal volumes. This will give you a pleasant buzz all evening. If you want more kava (after your main 500 ml), you could always mix your second 50g lot but just remember to delay dinner until you are finished. You could even use 25-30 degrees (lukewarm) water as it helps in extracting the kava lactones.

Obviously if you want to have it cold, then add an ice cube later. The trick with kava is, if you don't get the mix right you might miss the euphoria.

So for new fans, please follow my instructions carefully. If two people are drinking then double the amount of kava and water accordingly. The instructions I have given above is sufficient for 1 person only to get that real kava buzz. So if you are to share, double everything.

I find this way gives you the best kava experience and of course you will appreciate your own expertise with preparing kava in due course.

If you wish to share your methods for mixing kava, you can always make it available thru this site.