Our Aim

Our business is to serve both our subsistence Kava farming communities and our valued customers. We will continually work with our growers on Kava quality issues, so that we can always bring in good quality Kava our customers deserve.

Most importantly we do pay a fair price to our farmers for their hard work, but this does not mean we are in the game of pricing good quality Kava out of the reach of our customers, we have been very steady and most reasonable with our pricing over the years.

Furthermore, connecting the farmers and the consumers means we have a few obligations to our customers, and you will find us mailing all orders within 48 hours of a successful transaction, and returning all correspondences in that time frame as well.

Our preparations instructions have been surely tested, and Kava product range will continue to expand to cater for all levels of customer requirements.

We love Kava, and we want to welcome everyone to give Kava a good go, and we will always aim to be the Kava Trader all Kava enthusiasts will enjoy dealing with the most!

Buying Kava with confidence

At JustPacific Trading we make buying Kava easy and secure, using paypal payment facility.

Paypal accepts more ways of payment, it is easier and faster to use, and is simply the most secure payment facility in the world, giving customers everywhere confidence in making purchases online. On our site, all you need to do is to select either the International payment page or the New Zealand payment page, obviously depending on whether you live in NZ or overseas.

Select your product quantity, which will display the corresponding prices,and simply click the "buy now" button. You will then securely complete your transactions via paypal.

Once you have done your purchases, we will ship your orders with in 48 hours. If you live in Wellington you can contact us for pickup and pay by cash.

Our return policy

We drink Kava. We love Kava. So we know the quality of our Kava.

If you are unhappy with our product simply return it unopened and we will refund the cost of that product with deductible shipping costs.

In the event that there is a change of mind after the order has been placed, please try to contact us ASAP before the order is shipped. You will be refunded, less any fees paypal may charge.

Ethical Kava

Our Kava comes fresh, supplied by subsistence growers, and prepared according to Vanuatu's strict Kava regulation. We strive to match that with efficient and friendly service, and the total Kava experience begins when you contact us or buy our product. Vanuatu Kava regulation does set the minimum price for Kava to ensure farmers get a fair price for their hard work. We support this law and adhere to it, whilst maintaining a fair price possible for our customers.

We sell Vanuatu's Borogu Variety, strainer bags, Instant Kava and Kava combos for the seasoned drinker and for the beginner. Browse the payment pages to view and purchase top quality Vanuatu Kava at the best prices you will find online!

We are passionate about Kava and believe 100% in its purity and worthiness as a social drink, and what we guarantee is pure organic, top quality Kava, from Vanuatu, the home of Kava and the only nation with laws governing the varieties and preparation of Kava for commercial purposes.