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"Lost Island" Kava, packed with history and Vanuatu's secret treasure and most potent is our specialty kava.
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Variety: Pualiu, "Lost Island" Kava, (South Epi and Tongoa Is.) Vanuatu

Due to the devastation of cyclone Pam in 2015, this variety is out of stock until further notice.
Packed with History

Our feature variety packed with history. We have very limited quantity!!

Order it now and be one of the lucky few to taste a variety that is packed with History. Produced and packaged in the same community whose high chief banned the Vanuatu-Tonga Kava trade in 1447.
You can not buy this product in any other site but here. Which means this product is only available to our customers. And if you are a Kava expert you will know the difference.

Pualiu Variety.

This variety is in high demand in the Port Vila kava scene. It was domesticated, along with its sister variety, Puariki, on the "lost island" of Kuwae (now Epi and the Shepherds Group), and were the product of the ancient Pacific kava trade.
The two varieties are still grown on Tongoa and Epi (two of the several remains of the Kuwae landmass). High local demand and shortage in supply have so far prevented any international trading of these varieties.
We make small, direct orders from Tongoa (Vanuatu); so we know this kava is only available through our site. Because of its rarity and historical significance, our customers are privileged to have access to these two varieties.

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Whilst the supply side of Kava from Vanuatu has been severely reduced by Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015, resulting in the rapid increase in Kava prices, we are doing our part to maintain our prices at a reasonable rate for our valued customers. Your contributions through buying Kava at JustPacific Trading continues to support farmers in Vanuatu, recover, rebuilt, and of course, replant their kava stocks. Thank you all and we look forward to serving you  good quality Vanuatu kava for many more years to come!
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