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We sell Borogu Kava,Vanuatu's main export more
"Lost Island" Kava, packed with history and Vanuatu's secret treasure and most potent is our specialty kava.
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A note to Australian customers, mail orders of Kava are not allowed but you can bring 2Kgs on you upon entry into Australia.
Please note: Our prices have recently been increased due to a shortage in supply linked to the devastation of Tropical Cyclone Pam on the islands of Vanuatu.
Your purchases do contribute to putting back hope and encouraging the rural communities to replant their crops, and to rebuild their homes and their lives.
Thank you so much for your understanding.



      Instant Kava Powder

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                                                                Kava Strainer (L)



dimensions: 45cmx28cm
US$ 10.00


100g Borogu Kava
10 g Instant Kava
1 Small Strainer

100g Borogu Kava
1 Small Strainer 



Whilst the supply side of Kava from Vanuatu has been severely reduced by Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015, resulting in the rapid increase in Kava prices, we are doing our part to maintain our prices at a reasonable rate for our valued customers. Your contributions through buying Kava at JustPacific Trading continues to support farmers in Vanuatu, recover, rebuilt, and of course, replant their kava stocks. Thank you all and we look forward to serving you  good quality Vanuatu kava for many more years to come!
Quality Kava at JustPacific Trading, Lower Hutt
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