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Our products

Instant Kava

Instant Kava is extracted from the fresh green Kava of Vanuatu. Our Instant Kava is made from Borogoru Kava and Melo Melo; these two genotypes are the cream of Vanuatu Kava.

This product is suitable for occasions where straining milled kava rootstock is not practical, which could include watching Saturday night sports at a friends, off on a road trip, or even too tired to strain your brew after work. 

Simply dissolve your instant powder in some water and skull your stress away.  

This product is manufactured in the strictest hygiene conditions using water based (natural extraction) techniques only. No chemicals used.

Milled Kava

Santo Kava

A strong powder made using Kava from the island of Santo, Vanuatu. This Kava is processed to a very high standard of quality.

It is absolutely fresh with a super smooth taste and a powerful effect felt after that first shell. 

With high competition for kava and limited supply we have sourced this product to ensure we continue to supply our customers with great quality kava. So although pricey, our customers will be delighted with the quality and the effect of this premium product.  

Niugini Kava

Variety: Madang Short. A new kava powder, high in Kavain and Yagonin, grown in the fertile lands of Madang, PNG. We are now the only stockists of Niugini Kava in New Zealand.

Muslin Strainer Bag

15cm x 30cm Strainer

Beginner Packs

Starter & Sampler Packs